Avast me hearties, the winds and fates have escorted ye to Piratical Consulting. Whilst not at sea, in pursuit of treasure, we can be sought in the port o' London. We help those in need of a web application to show off their shiny wares or keep in touch with fellow maties.

At sea

If it be a shipshape website ye desire, or an addition to your crew to assist ye oe'r the waters of the internet, be a'contactin us! For an idea of what we can do look at our crew's litany of misdeeds and talents. All done to the highest of standards, else they'll be walking the plank.

"...web solutions made plain sailing"

what we can do for you

  • Build you a website

    We love to build bespoke web applications that are just perfect for your business. We have the skills to do it all
    • Create a clean, easy to use user interface that's modern and reflects your brand
    • Model your business logic and transform it into code. We have worked across a broad range of sectors (travel, government, law, banking, retail to name a few) helping us to understand what makes businesses tick and how best to utilise the web to make your business, better.
    • Design and implement a database for you, to capture and securely store your data.
  • Consulting

    If you are at a crossroads in the creation of a web application and are just looking for some friendly advice on the best way forwards for you and your business online, we are happy to give you our insight.
  • Onsite as contractor

    Maybe your crew is in need of some temporary skills and experience to complete a project to a deadline. We can offer contracting services - see our skillset below.

current toolset

  • .NET 1.1 to 3.5
  • C# 3.0
  • Visual Studio 2003 to 2010
  • Sql Server 7 to 2008, SSRS
  • Oracle (to 10g)
  • ASP.NET (4.0) & ASP.NET MVC 2.0
  • Web services
  • ASP.NET Ajax
  • jQuery, Javascript
  • nHibernate 2.0, fluent nHibernate
  • Source control: Subversion, Visual Source Safe 6.0
  • Unit and integration testing: nUnit, Rhino Mocks, TestDriven.NET, nCover
  • Continuous integration: CruiseControl.NET
  • Build scripting: NAnt, MSBuild, WiX
  • Dependency injection: Spring.NET framework
  • Agile XP development practices & Test Driven Development



Crowdfundsw1 aims to help raise funds for charities and community groups in South Westminster, London. They asked us to build them a modern and easy to use website that would allow a user to easily find a project they wanted to donate to and with a couple of clicks effortlessly dontate money to their chosen project through paypal.

Roscrea Bed & Breakfast


Roscrea are a fabulous bed and breakfast in Bodmin, Cornwall. They approached us to build them a simple and clean website to showcase their home with a feed from Twitter.

Almond Tree Cottage


Almond Tree Cottage is a well appointed and excellently located cottage in North Cornwall.

It's run by the same people that operate Roscrea Bed n Breakfast. This is a simple website, powered by WordPress with an availability calendar and a booking/enquiry form.

Davies' Cycle Trip

cycle trip

Davies cycled the length of the UK, from the South West tip of Land's End all the way to the north east point in Scotland, John O' Groats. He did this as his holiday! He wanted a clean stylish website to show his route, blog and photos taken on route.


A lot of our work is developing software on a client's site. We can not show these applications here for obvious reasons but are happy to discuss the type of applications we have created in the past for our clients.

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